CARE Ministry

Cultivate personal relationship with Christ through Worship, Prayer, and Study of His Word

Attend to the needs of people and assist them to grow through caring Fellowship

Reach out to others through effective Witnessing and Evangelism

Edify and equip people through fruitful Discipleship


A Place for All

Everyone is welcome. Join us as we grow together to live life with an eternal outlook as Jesus Christ taught.  Christ Church of All Nations is a place where you can find loving family, fellowship and spiritual growth.

A Place for Children

Children hold a very special place in God’s kingdom. We believe the most essential aspect of a child’s life is a relationship with Jesus. By making weekly worship a family priority, we are teaching our children the vital importance of orienting their lives around Jesus, among a community of people who love Him. Worship is not just another “thing to do;” it is the most important thing we as parents can do for our children. We long for children to know the love of Jesus from the moment they arrive.

A Place for Teens

Junior High and High School years are busy years, full of changes and transitions. It is our goal for every student to have a place to feel completely accepted and challenged, to experience fellowship and community, to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, and to be empowered to use their gifts. Our ministry centers around small groups, where students can explore, learn and fellowship with other believers.

A Place for Students

It is our desire to create a place of belonging for college students, including international students. We challenge, guide, and nurture college students in a FAITH in Christ. Aligned with our vision, we long for our students to WORSHIP, both in our gathering and with their lives. College students represent a critical generation for Christ within our church family. They are our future leaders. Our hope is for them to help spread the love and message of JESUS to our schools and our communities.